What Is Reddit Karma? Reddit’s Scoring System

What Is Reddit Karma? Reddit’s Scoring System – Many social media sites do not track the actual number of likes or dislikes you receive. While you can see some of your activity history, sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram typically don’t praise your comments in a performance-based format. Reddit, on the other hand, is not your average social media site. When you add a new post or comment, how other users react to it will directly affect your account’s overall “Karma” score. If you care about your reputation and your virtual appearance, you’ll want to know what Reddit Karma is—and how to get more of it.

To get karma on Reddit, you need to make posts and comments that get upvotes from the community. You can also get Karma Rewards and Rewards, but these two forms of Karma are still in experimental stages on Reddit.

What Is Reddit Karma? Reddit’s Scoring System

What Is Reddit Karma? Reddit's Scoring System

Karma on Reddit is basically a reputation score for your account. Karma points can be added or lost through posts, comments and rewards.

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On Reddit, posts and comments can only receive upvotes (↑) and downvotes (↓). There is no in between and there are no reactions like “haha”, “sad” or “angry” like there are on Facebook.

Reddit keeps track of all the upvotes and downvotes on your posts and the number of comments. Note that upvotes do not correlate with karma on a 1:1 scale; One vote against equals karma +1 and one vote against equals karma -1. Reddit has its own algorithm where your upvotes and downvotes are factored into the karma you see on your profile.

When your posts or comments are upvoted, you get Karma – the best way to get Karma is by posting posts and comments that communities find valuable. The more votes you get, the more karma you will get. However, Karma is only an approximate reflection of your upvotes, not a 1:1 ratio. – Reddit help

Additionally, rewards are now a factor in your karma. Rewards given or received on your account will have a positive effect on your collective karma. That said, it’s still a new form of Karma, and according to Reddit, it’s still “kind of an experiment.”

Inspect Element = Free Karma

Reddit Karma is divided into four categories: Post Karma, Comment Karma, Awardee Karma, and Awardee Karma. As such, there are four ways to add to your account’s overall karma score.

Your Reddit post’s karma is a real-time representation of all the upvotes and downvotes your posts have received. Upvotes count towards your score and downvotes count towards your score.

Post Karma is perhaps the most influential category of Karma due to the sheer size of Reddit’s user base and how quickly people respond to posts. What you post will be seen by a potentially huge audience, depending on the size of the subreddit and if your post is promoted on other users’ feeds.

What Is Reddit Karma? Reddit's Scoring System

Whether you win or lose Post Karma depends entirely on how well you read this site. Do not post anything unrelated or outdated or anything that may annoy or offend users.

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Take time to conceptualize the post and make sure that a similar post has not been published recently. For example, if you plan to post “Is cross-core customization still available?” In the Halo subreddit, first search for your question in the subreddit to make sure your question hasn’t already been discussed.

The secret tip is to think about others first: what do others want to see or know more about? The more awkward you are and helpful on Reddit, the more your score will reflect positively on Reddit.

Note Karma is another common source of Karma points. Every upvote and downvote on your comments will count towards or against your total karma.

Be careful what you say in your comment and as always think before you post. If you notice something in a post that you haven’t already noted, and it’s something that others might find of value, it’s probably something you should consider.

How To Get Karma On Reddit

Humor is usually a last resort, simply because everyone has different things they find funny. If you think everyone will find a certain comment funny, try to get another like-minded person’s opinion before hitting comment. You don’t want to inconvenience anyone with an “off” humorous post.

The last two categories of karma are the karma of the rewarder and the karma of the rewarder. Reddit is currently experimenting with these two forms of karma and will likely change the way they affect your overall karma score in the future. We will see about that.

To get more karma this way, you have to get rewards for your own posts or give rewards for the posts of other users. There are many different rewards that you can give and receive; However, since this is still an experimental form of karma, it is not the most reliable way to add to your karma score.

What Is Reddit Karma? Reddit's Scoring System

Reddit karma is a result of your reputation. Some exclusive communities require you to have a minimum karma to join.

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You get karma for other people’s upvotes on your posts, but Reddit doesn’t count your own upvotes on your posts towards your karma score.

Yes, and this is a bad sign. Being respectful, posting regularly, and generally thinking about other users before yourself will increase the quality of your posts. If you are disrespectful and people don’t like what you post, they may reject your post and you may receive negative karma.

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